Beatline Oaks Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Kaletsch has a special interest in pet and ornamental fish medicine. He has attended specialized continuing education courses in aquatic animal medicine, including Aqua Med which is a 4 week course at Louisiana State University. Dr. Kaletsch was the attending veterinarian at a local aquatics facility and was responsible for providing veterinary care for aquarium fish, dolphins, sea lions and endangered sea turtles. While there, he developed a low stress, minimal traumatic protocol for removing fish hooks from incidentally hooked sea turtles. He removed over 300 hooks during his tenure and presented this protocol at the International Sea Turtle Symposium in New Orleans in 2014.

Beatline Oaks Veterinary Hospital can provide full service veterinary care for your pet or ornamental fish.

These services include: Consultations, Diagnostics, Medicine, Surgery, Water Testing.

Beatline Oaks also offers a pet and ornamental fish rescue.

Pet Fish Medicine