Nutrition plays a critical role in your pet’s overall health and well-being from the very first day you bring a new pet home. Many pet owners take nutrition for granted, however, did you know that your pets’ nutritional needs change with age and activity level? Did you know that specially formulated diets can assist in the management of various medical conditions, including kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease? Do you know how many calories your pet should have each day and whether you are over- or underfeeding? Are you comfortable reading and interpreting pet food labels?

 Whether your pet has special dietary needs or simply needs to shed a few pounds, the staff at Beatline Oaks Veterinary Hospital can help you accomplish your goals and keep your pet in good health. We proudly offer prescription Purina diets and are happy to provide counseling in dietary selection and feeding practices for pets during various life stages, such as growth and the “golden years.” If your pet has a medical condition, we can help you select the most appropriate diet to suit your pet’s needs.

 Because of the available selection of pet foods, it can be easy for a pet owner to become overwhelmed; therefore, we can offer expert advice to help you navigate through the complicated array of choices. Let our staff help you achieve and maintain optimal nutrition for your pet.